How the
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Parents can sign up and verify their identity. Then they will receive an access code they can use to register their children’s accounts.


Users are free to post photos, and videos, send messages and interact with other users, knowing they are who they say they are.

TINGME has a robust report system, backed by real people, that can be used to enforce our strict content policies, protecting our users and making for a safe, friendly environment.

A fun digital playground for kids to have fun and interact, that parents can trust to be safe and secure.



  • Secure Registration

    In order to register, a code from a verified parent is needed

  • Secure Posting

    Users verify their identity before each post or interaction, using biometrics - fingerprint or Face ID

  • Report and Block

    Parents and users can report and block other users if they are not following the rules

  • Add Friends

    Users can search for their friends and send friend requests

  • Write Posts

    Users can share thoughts and messages by posting them to their friends

  • Like and Comment

    Support friends with likes and comments on their statuses and photos

  • Post Photos & Videos

    Users can take and share photos and videos with their friends, and receive likes and comments

  • Send Messages

    Users can send private messages to their friends, and get notifications

  • Monitor and Supervise

    Parents can monitor posts and messages on their children's profiles

What can I do on TINGME?
TINGME is a fully realised social network. Users can post photos and videos, as well as statuses. They can also like and comment on posts and send direct messages to their friends.
How old are the users?
TINGME is for children aged 6 – 14. At midnight of their 15th birthday, they will no longer be allowed on the platform.
Does TINGME cost money?

TINGME costs an initial service charge per child. This allows TINGME to maintain our rigorous moderation and not have to serve adverts to our users.

Is TINGME safe?
TINGME is built from the ground up with safety in mind. We are confident our security policies, along side our robust content moderation system, will ensure a safe and happy environment for all our users.
What makes TINGME better than the others?
TINGME offers many of the enjoyable features other social networks offer, so kids will enjoy using the platform to engage and interact with their peers. It also provides rigorous security, not offered by traditional networks, such as ID verification, to stop anonymous content submission, and biometric authentication, so profiles cannot be misused or misappropriated.

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