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Built For Children

Built by Parents

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A social network
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Built For Children
Built By Parents

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"Our aim is for children to connect and communicate safely online. Be it friends from school or children from other countries and cultures."
Our Mission

The Problem:

More than ever, kids are eager to connect with friends online. As parents, the founders of TINGME were alarmed by the amount that children are using social media and the lack of verification processes in place. Children and parents have absolutely no way of knowing that the profiles they are dealing with are genuine and this is a cause of great concern.

How Does
It Work?

Parent Registration

Parents must be verified to register their children, after providing ID and paying.

Children Login

Children must confirm their identity before every post, message or interaction.

Verified Children Only

This means every interaction is with a verified child, removing anonymity. 

Parent Controls

Parents remain in control. With our strict content moderation, interactions will be fun and positive.

The Solution:

TINGME is designed and coded from the ground up to combat this problem.

Every child that wants to use TINGME must first be vouched for by a parent. The parent’s account will be permanently linked. Once registered by a parent, the child is free to use the app, post photos and videos, and chat with other users, verifying their identity each time. Parents can trust that every account their child interacts with is genuine and verified. TINGME operates using a simple subscription model, keeping our platform ad-free. For just £1.99/mo, parents can trust their children will get a safe, enjoyable experience.

TINGME is designed to
keep your children safe
and keep you in control.

TINGME puts safety first!

Take down notices issued for CSAM online
+ 0
of 8-11 year olds have their own social media profile
0 %
of children aged 3-17 used TikTok in 2022
0 %
children have followers online that they don't know in real life
0 in 10

Data provided by NSPCC, 2021, and National Online Safety

African Father Holds On Lap Daughter Sitting Resting On Sofa

Kids and parents love TINGME!

Margaret Parent

Because the users are verified, we trust that our child can use the app without constant supervision.

Tom Aged 9

I enjoy using TINGME, my friends are all on it and we can chat!

Hudson Aged 7

My favourite thing about TINGME is sending videos and photos to my friends.

Eva Aged 10

My favourite thing about TINGME is making friends in other countries!

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to online predators
and cyberbullying

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